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We, working professionals today are the back-bone of the Indian economy. Our Mental Well-being is of extreme importance not only to your professional growth but also for the growth of the company.
Being of sound mind can not only boost your performance but also make you more efficient at work, thus helping you gain that crucial one extra step further up in the corporate ladder. For managers and employers alike, the mental well-being of your employees can make or break a project, help reach a deadline on time and even help reach higher than expected performance targets. So join us in this webinar where we explore how your mental well-being can affect you, your personal life, your professional life and your company!

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With a PhD in Psychology, Dr. Vrushali Raut has over 15 years of experience as a consultant in the field of Psychology and employee well-being. She is an avid writer and activist for employee’s & labour worker’s physical and mental health. She will be sharing her experience and knowledge about the relationship between physical fitness, resilience & mental health.

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