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Resilience, is it all that it seems to be?

We all know Resilience is a major factor of success.

When we think of a resilient person, we think of toughness, we think of stability, we think of ability of a person to constantly defy odds. But what is resilience really? Resilient people aren't just born, all of us think of resilience as a virtue that is built over years by overcoming hardships & through their never say never attitude. That's not all though Resilience itself is actually affected by following factors :

  1. Optimism - Optimism is a major factor that changes how how stress affects a person both physically and psychologically. It is shown that optimism can reduce stress significantly, sometimes as much as 50% of the time. This makes a huge difference! Not only does this improve overall performance, but reduction in overall stress also reduces its pile-on effect, thus reducing chances of future breakdowns.

  2. Social Relationships - This is important, I see many people nowdays not take part in meaningful relationships to further their career or so they dont waste time. But Having at least 1 meaningful relationship where you can fully trust and depend on person is one of the top factors that strengthen our resilience. (just to re-state this is scientifically proven)

  3. Love - Amount of support / love you get affects resilience. Children whose parents offered more love / affection have lead to more resilient adults.

What does Resilience give us?

  • Increases chances of Success

  • Resilient people earn better

  • Resilient people are more resistant to Stress (emotional)

  • Resilient people are more healthy & recover faster. They also have better rate of surviving major medical conditions

  • Have shorter recovery time from emotional issues.

You can of course build resilience! Easiest way to start becoming resilient is by actively dealing with stress. This involves finding healthy ways to deal with problems, finding solutions to solve them. Repressing or letting problems fester actually reduces resilience and builds more stress. Dealing with stress can be done through different methods, we of course will be covering this in our workshop to be held on 26th Jan 2020. You can join us by booking your tickets here - Workshop on Optimism & Stress

- Omkar Naik

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