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About THE Program

Due to the current pandemic, mental health has come to the forefront of the health and wellness industry. Not only is the public more aware of mental health concerns, but they along with government & even companies are now more willing to invest time & resourses into mental health.

However due to the same pandemic and the structure of our education system, most professionals do not have exposure to practical training before they start their jobs as professionals. This not only creates problems for professionals to find work, but also stresses both them and their employers. This stress, along with lack of exposure leads to poor outcomes for the clients / patients.

We have created this course to address the exact issues mentioned above. This course aims at offering practical knowledge and hands-on training to all types of mental health professionals. Our goal is to not only make professionals better prepared for the growing industry and its needs, but to also offer students the right training to start their careers. Mental health industry is growing, its time to grow with it.

- Team Cinq in & Curamind

3 Months Program
Price: Rs. 18,000/- , Split in 3 installments

6 Months Program
Price: Rs. 30,000/- , Split in installments

our TEAM

Our team for this program is lead by Dr. Pranavjeet Kaldate. Dr. Kaldate runs his own practice in Pune and has been associated with the District Hospital in Aundh. He has a broad experience in feild of Mental Health and Medicine from working in Rehabilitation centers to being an advisor for persons persuing Overseas medical degrees. Along with Dr. Kaldate, our team also includes Counsellors, Play Therapist & professionals from Clinical and Industrial background.