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Counselling lets you find yourself, explore and grow as a person

Our Counselling Services

We realise that seeking counselling in India today is an expensive affair. So we decided to take a step in the right direction and make it accessible and affordable for everyone.



    45 MINUTES

    Get an online counselling session with our team where we guide you through using chat service such as Whatsapp





    45 MINUTES

    Get a phone counselling session where one of our team member guides you over a phone call





    45 MINUTES

    Get a Video counselling session with one of our teams members to guide you through.



Seeking help is a sign of strength!

We usually think that solving all of our problems on our own makes us independent, But is that really the case? Look at it this way, when we see people constantly spending more time on a problem than they should be we usually tell them to call someone who might be able to better handle the issue. Yet we forget it when it comes to us. When it comes to important things we usually tend to trust experts, yet we feel embarrresed to ask for support, to ask for help when it comes to handling our own lives!

Counselling is for everyone!

A major misconception people have is that counselling is only for serious or chronic issues. But thats not the case. Counselling is to your mind as gym is for your body. Counselling can not only help you solve your problems sooner but they can help you build a stronger and more resilient mind! You dont have to have a problem to seek counselling, you can use counselling as a tool to understand your potential, to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses and to work towards being the best person you can be.


Traditionally most of us usually seek counselling when things start getting difficult. When we admit to ourselves that we might have a problem that affects us deeply. May it be an addiction, depression, anger issues,  by the time we actually address these they have already shaped our lives.
But its never too late! The sooner we seek help the faster youll get a solution, the faster you can go back to living a full life.

Our Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to Counselling. Our counselling style focuses on problems solving using Positivity & optimism. We believe in being open to our clients and trusting their innate skills. We help you build an optimistic approach to problem solving and dealing with opportunities. We help you build resilience so you are better prepared to deal with most issues life can throw at you.
Our counselling method stems from deep study of Science, psychology and medicine and we treat you as a unique individual. We make efforts to understand you and cater each counselling session to better suit you as a person. 

Why Counselling?


People are the heart & soul of our workshop. We continually strive to provide a safe, supportive & engaging environment for everyone.


Respect guides the way we operate at all levels. We respect diversity & different point of views.


We do what is right. We are honest & ethical, worthy of trust of others.


We are passionate about
mental health & well being of society

Our Values

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