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 to your
mental health & well being, 

 helping you cinq in 

 positivity, resilience & optimism 

The Workshop

We teach people to be positive, understand their mind and make them better equipped to deal with stress

We all go through stress, its an unavoidable part of life. We all have our ways of dealing with it too. One of the most common ways we deal with stress is sharing. The idea of our workshop comes from that exact concept. Just a group of friends, sharing problems &  looking out for each other.


Well but then what makes us different? Knowledge of course!
We all have backgrounds in Psychology or Research.

The workshop was planned in an effort to not only create more awareness about mental health but also create a platform to share ways to deal with the common issues. The workshop aims to bring out importance of mental health on performance, success, physical health & relationships. Our aim right now is to take these problems, their solutions, as well as preventative measures and bring them to you. 

Life has a lot to offer to everyone, we just need to learn to enjoy it.

We offer Workshops on Stress & Coping, Optimism, Anxiety & Depression, Mental Health & its effect on Physical health.
Get in touch with us if you want us to hold a workshop in your office, college or university.

Our Values


People are the heart & soul of our workshop. We
continually strive to provide a safe, supportive & engaging environment for everyone.


We are passionate about
mental health & well being of society


Respect guides the way we operate at all levels. We respect diversity & different point of views.


We do what is right. We are honest & ethical, worthy of trust of others.

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A team that embodies optimism.

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